" We are a small Photographic Studio based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. My husband works in the shop by himself so at various times throughout the day he could be in a middle of photoshoot, b.."  See More
Brooke, Summerland Photography
" A huge thank you to The Concierge Club who took the overflow of calls on reception when half the office was struck by the flu. It allowed us to continue consulting with our clients instead of stop.."  See More
Gillian Connors, Ucango Travel & Cruise
" We are a growing business and consequently I usually play the role of sales, tech support and administration all rolled into one. By being a member of The Concierge Club, I’m able to divert .."  See More
Dave Hulsman, Ucango Connect

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Some of the finest business leaders I have had the privilege of meeting, had one thing in common-  they were all, good listeners! Listening is truly an Art!  We all hear, but very few of us, listen!
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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