Why should I use The Concierge Club?

The purpose of The Concierge Club is to help you save time and money and to provide you with services & support to allow your business to thrive. Some of the key benefits of being a member of The Concierge Club include;

  • Your own go to team to solve any problem 
  • Phone answering & virtual assistant services
  • Membership is less costly than hiring a full time staff member
  • Your personal negotiator to get you the best price on anything
  • Exposure to our ever growing business & client network
  • More time to focus on the big picture, while we take care of the smaller tasks
  • How much does a membership with The Concierge Club cost?

    Retain your membership with The Concierge Club by paying a monthly membership fee of $90 + GST 

    Our Concierge's time is billed at $12 per 15 minute work block. 

    Priority service (your task initiated within 15 minutes of submission) is available for $25 per 15 minute work block. 

    The Concierge Club's phone answering service is available for $1.30 per call. 

    How do I request a service?

    Simply give our office a call on 1300 667 735, send us a text on 0475 178 095, send an email to info@theconciergeclub.com.au or fill out an online concierge request form via our website. 

    How do we answer your incoming calls?

    The Concierge Club offers a phone answering service for $1.30 per call. To set up your Virtual Receptionist we will allocate you with a virtual phone number. This number can be used to advertise to your clients or you can set up a diversion from your regular number. 

    Your incoming calls are diverted to our virtual receptionist team and answered as your business name and under your instruction. The calls can then be transferred to you or a is taken and sent to you via text or email. We will work with you to develop a script that you are satisfied with, which will outline how you want the phone to be answered and how messages are taken.

    Can I cancel my membership?

    Membership with The Concierge Club has no lock in contract, which mean you can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. You must provide one month's notice in advance that you wish to cancel your membership & your membership cost for that current month will be paid at the end of the month. 

    What if i need something done that is not listed in your services?

    Give us a call! The tasks mentioned on our website are just a guide to give you an example of how we can assist you and your business. The Concierge Club is available to assist you in any task you may have related to your business. 

    We have in house specialised to provide you services to complete your task. If you have a job that we can not take care of in house, we will hunt around to outsource a specialist to get your job done. 


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