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Thursday, July 06, 2017

If you run your own business you are no doubt  familiar with the term ‘working on your business, not in your business’. We’re all aware of it, however for multiple reasons (usually centered around staff resources) we fall back into the trap and business growth suffers long term. 

However, most business owners don’t realise that you can take on a pay-as-you-use staff sharing service. Or as we call it, a Business Concierge. Here’s just a few things you can utilise the service for.

1. Social Media and Website Updates

Do you have a website or Facebook page that has not been updated for months. You know it needs updating and you have every intention of doing it, however it keeps dropping down the list of priorities as other daily chores get in the way.

2. Quote Broking

Why spend hours, and sometimes even days, phoning and emailing around getting quotes for work that needs to be done. Whether it be a quote to get those flyers printed, the trade banners for the upcoming expo or even prices of advertising through various media; you’re able to handball that job on to someone else. And you know what? They’ll usually get a better price because they already have relationships with suppliers.

3. Virtual Reception

Are you paying for someone to answer the phone that doesn’t ring all that often? Perhaps you answer the phone yourself however regularly let it go to message because you’re busy with clients or are on the road. Why not divert the calls to your business concierge who will answer as you business name and take a message or direct calls as you’ve instructed. A good one will even answer (or ask) questions for you.

4. Payment Reminder Calls

No one likes to make them however they are essential to keep the cash flow rolling in. Why not remove yourself from the situation altogether and have someone do it for you.

5. Data entry

Don’t waste your day tapping away with only your index fingers when you can have someone do it for you at ten times the speed.

6. Spreadsheets, CSV files and other specialist tasks

Need a spreadsheet set up with formulas and fancy pie charts that you can only dream of having? Need to upload your database to your email distribution program? Need a PowerPoint presentation created for an upcoming pitch? Your business concierge can assist.

7. Internet Research

Whether you want some background info on a potential employee or product; some general info about new technology or…… basically, anything that you don’t have time to do yourself.

8. Chasing business/appointment setting

Give them a list, give them direction and let them do it for you so that you can focus on that actual appointment, not the arranging of it.

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